Veit Couturier and Andrea Denver for Cadet FW16 New York

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Andrea Denver and Veit Couturier walk for Cadet FW16 NYFWM Show in support of the Ali Forney Center’s “HarlemNoHate” campaign. The fundraising action is being undertaken in partnership with Chris Constable (co-founder of The Collective Communications), who is AFC’s Fundraising Gala co-chair and a representative of Cadet.

Soul has pledged a 10 percent contribution of all models show bookings to the community-sponsored effort assisting the Ali Forney Center in purchasing the Atlah Church, located on West 123rd Street, which is being put up for auction due to unpaid bills and tax liens.

The building will be used for various AFC activities, including providing housing to LGBT youths and launching a catering business run and operated by its clients.

Please take a moment to visit the Ali Forney Center’s website HERE where you can also donate to the cause.