Tommy Marr for Café Magazine

Tommy-Marr-2016-Cafe-Editorial-010-800x1068 Tommy-Marr-2016-Cafe-Editorial-008-800x1068 Tommy-Marr-2016-Cafe-Editorial-007-800x1068 Tommy-Marr-2016-Cafe-Editorial-001-800x1068 Tommy-Marr-2016-Cafe-Editorial-002-800x1068 Tommy-Marr-2016-Cafe-Editorial-005-800x1068

Swedish magazine Café hones in on general men’s trends to adopt for spring with a new editorial lensed by photographer John Scarisbrick. SOUL model Tommy Marr stars in the outing. He’s pictured wearing a designer wardrobe styled by Julia Stridh with fashion direction from Daniel Lindstrom. For more, visit #MODELSofSOUL