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Icon Top Model Simon Nessman for the COVER! Vogue Hommes Paris Magazine by Ethan James Green

Click on the link below to watch Q&A with Fall Winter Cover Icon Simon Nessman himself! on Vogue Hommes https://en.vogue.fr/fashion-videos

Exclusive Interview: Laurie Harding takes the cover of MMSCENE Magazine!

New Face Laurie Harding takes the cover of MMSCENE Magazine featuring an EXCLUSIVE Interview! by editor Katarina Djoric Get to know more about Laurie as a model and how he is enjoying his career as a fashion model. https://www.malemodelscene.net/mmscene-magazine/laurie-harding-interview/ Editorial by Igor Cvoro // Styled by Stefano Guerrini // Groomed by Matteo Bartolinin @Freelancer 

Gus Kenworthy for Vulkan Magazine by Taylor Miller

“American Freestyle Skier” Gus Kenworthy stepping into his R.L. modeling shoes for Vulkan Magazine. Check out his editorial below and Don’t forget to click on the link to read his interview. Interviewed by Jaimee Jakobczak//Photographer Taylor Miller// Stylist Charlie Ward// Grooming by Italo Gregorio// Produced by Maxwell Burnstein http://www.vulkanmagazine.com/gus-kenworthy/