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Cody, Connor, Jack, Kevin, Monty, Veit, Walter & Will for Risbel by Rick Day

Soul Men Cody Calafiore (@codycalafiore), Connor Hill (@4connorhill), Jack Padgett (@instapadge), Kevin Johnson (@kljohnson_1), Veit Couturier (@veit_couturier), Walter Derrig (@wa11y_d), & Will Hawkins (@willhawkins_19) bro out in Fire Island for the pages of Risbel by Rick Day (@rickdaynyc).

Lapalme Magazine by Christopher Logan

“Soul of Denim” Models: Nik Stewart Shauna Bennett Kenny Braasch Kenny Dean Monty Hooper Fashion Director Derek Warburton Hair & Makeup Walton Nunez Makeup Bella Reina Photo Assistant Michael Moser